Be many

Your life is defined by how you feel and what you do. You are here to discover who you are. Design your life to be who you desire to be. Fill your life with high frequency emotions. How you feel is significant to how you live.

Live life loving you and define the feeling with DEMESTIK.  

DEMESTIK /pronounced domestic/ is a inclusive brand offering designs, sustainably made on demand, crafted to fit your lifestyle and enhance the way you feel.

Who is Reuben Reuel?

Reuben Reuel /pronounced Roo-buhn Roo-el/ is the designer & creative director of DEMESTIK. Through his timeless thinking, he pulls inspiration from his imagination, cultures experienced and places unknown.

Reuben Reuel focuses on his vision to create beauty for real life and share it with the world. Everything he creates is because of you: the human.